MTHOS: The Animal Warriors take please in a world where animals have evolved in the absence of humanity. The land is filled with animals of all shapes and sizes; some that fight for good and others that fight for the darkness. 


PALE: A young albino ape, who discovers that he has the ability to wield his enemies’ powers after defeating them in battle. He soon discovers that this powerful gift comes with a terrible curse. Along with new and powerful abilities, the ghosts of his fallen enemies have somehow become attached to him as well!  

BARON KAH LEE: The Tyrannical Ruler over all of the Ape Kingdom; this devious villain rules with an Iron paw and will stop at nothing to secure his rightful place at the thrown, including Eliminating the young ape king name Pale! 

CHUNARI: These heroic soldiers make up the backbone of the Chunari army and guard the walls of the sanctuary jungle city of Chuh-Nar from enemies of every kind. 

THE HORRID: Vile Horrid are a legion of vicious apes that consume and destroy anyone and anything that Kah Lee’s sets his sights on. Numerous and eager to do the bidding of their master,they are no more than another tool in the Baron’s vast arsenal.  

     HORRID KNIGHTS: - The backbone of the Horrid armies, these vicious mandrills live for battle and are eager to      destroy and consume anything in their paths.  

     HORRID ASSASSINS: - Only slightly less vile than the mandrills  these chimps are deadly with a bow but can          wield a blade when in a bind. These apes rain hate down on opposing armies  as the city gates give way to the      steady push of the horrid!

     HORRID ELITE: - The most skilled and brutal of the Horrid legions, these troops function as commanders and in      some cases bodyguards for high ranking officers of the Horrid including Kah Lee himself.