DUSK, The Comic Book

Imagine a distant planet hanging completely motionless in space. One side scorched by the rays of an alien sun, the other forever shrouded in icy darkness. A newly constructed city stands alone on the edge of shadow and light, half a bustling metropolis, half a haven for things lurking in the shadows.

Unexplained deaths, ancient alien artifacts, children disappearing and more mysteries confound the police. Two sisters find themselves caught up in the city's secrets, discovering unlikely allies to help them. To escape they'll need to uncover what is behind it all and who is pulling the strings.

Ultimately, the fate of the planet is in the hands of a teenage girl.


Chapter One

Dusk, a city built on the edge of light and dark on a planet that hangs motionless in space. Kaitlyn has just arrived to live with her sister, Christina. They soon come face to face with the criminal element lurking in the city's shadows. Meanwhile, two detectives investigate a string of child disappearances that have plagued the city.

Chapter Two

Kaitlyn and Christina narrowly avoided a mugging thanks to the heroics of Detective Eddie Hizaki who intervened despite chasing a suspect in a series of apparent kidnappings. After stopping the mugging, Eddie resumed the chase along with his partner Neil Weathers.

Later, at Christina's apartment, Kaitlyn was home alone while her sister was on a job interview. A knock on the door ended up being the man who tried to mug them, determined to get what he came for, Kaitlyn.  

Chapter Three

Detective Eddie Hizaki has been ordered to investigate a series of recent kidnappings, despite his misgivings about the case. Eddie visits Christina Barnes at her apartment to discuss her sister's recent disappearance. Searching the apartment for clues to what happened, they make a shocking discovery on Kaitlyn's video journal entry.

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn is lead by her captors to an underground holding cell. Bumping her head on a rock covered in strange liquid, Kaitlyn experiences a mysterious and confusing vision.

Chapter Four

Detective Eddie Hizaki digs deeper into series of recent kidnappings with the help of Christina Barnes whose sister, Kaitlyn, is the most recent to go missing. Discovering a recording of Kaitlyn’s abduction and receiving a tip about a gang known as the Sixes leads Christina and Eddie to a bar on the edge of town known as Halfie’s.

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn’s attempt to escape has led her to the other missing children, but not out of danger. Kaitlyn continues to experience strange alien visions after bumping her head on a rock covered in strange liquid.

Chapter Five

Kaitlyn has been brought to a mining cavern and introduced to the other kidnapped children, William, Drew, and Tommy. Instructed to dig, the boys and Kaitlyn mysteriously won’t suffer the same horrible fate of adults who stay underground too long.

After being forced to release Bunny, one of the kidnappers, from custody, detective Eddie Hizaki discovers that Christina has taken his police collar and is following Bunny through the city.

Chapter Six

Coming Soon!